Moon Balloon


I set a goal early this year to write and illustrate a children’s book, once and for all, and I am proud to say, it’s now complete! It began as one loose sketch, which inspired a poem, which served as the basis for the copy of the text.

photo2 photo1

More than anything, I wanted to do a project which brought me back into the world of personal creative fulfillment and productivity, and got me exercising  my painting skills. I never took lessons in watercolor, my mom taught me what she knew when I was a teenager, and I hadn’t really practiced at all since. There was a lot of struggle with my voice, the one that says everything looks terrible, or what I make will never be as good as all the amazing art out there. But I am working on tuning that voice out, and concentrating on the fact that if I do not practice constantly, I’ll never get any better, and as I completed each spread, I felt more and more like I was learning from the process and getting a little more in control.

wheel room jungle canyon arora jungle

I feel I learned a lot from the process, and am excited to launch into a new story now! Moon Balloon is available to purchase online on – I am delighted to imagine that my friends will share my words and pictures with their children (who I’m sure will not be as critical as I am with myself!) that brings me joy to no end.